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The Useless Web: A Directory of the Most Useless Websites. The vastness of the Internet is filled with countless pointless websites and useless webpages that still manage to bring us tremendous laughter. From baby videos to cheesy songs and animated cat GIFs, we can't help but marvel at the endless entertainment the web offers. If you find yourself sitting at your desk, deeply bored at work, fear not, because might just come to your rescue. The Useless Web, dedicated to showcasing the pinnacle of uselessness, can be likened to a humor lottery 2.0. Upon visiting the homepage, you will be prompted to click the "Please" button, which will transport you to another random useless website in response to the phrase "Take me to another useless website." Prepare to explore over 120 randomly selected pointless websites that truly exemplify the essence of the useless web.

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